The Prime Deities

Corellon – The Archeart

Alignment: Chaotic Good          Domains: Light, Arcana


  • Create, inspire, and find beauty in all that you do
  • Follow the echoes of lost magics, forgotten sites, and ancient art, for within these lie the Archeart's first works
  • Combat the followers of the Spider Queen wherever they may be

Guardian over the spheres of spring, beauty, and the arts, the Archeart is the patron of arcane magic and the fey. The Founding inspired them to wander the twisted lands, seeding them with the first arcane magics and raising the most ancient forests. It was by the Archeart's hand that the first elves wandered from the Feywild, and for this reason they are considered the Mother and Father of all elves. Those who seek art in all their work, whether magic or mundane, often worship at the altar of the Archeart. They loathe the Spider Queen and her priestesses for leading the drow elves astray. 

Most modern tapestries and tomes depict the Archeart as an elven being of impossible grace and beauty, androgynous and alluring, framed by long wavy golden hair. They have been the inspiration for many early elven art pieces, and it's not uncommon to find elements of their visage or symbol included in most elven architecture.

Moradin – The Allhammer

Alignment: Lawful Good          Domains: Knowledge, War


  • Remain stoic and tenacious in the face of catastrophe
  • Uphold and promote loyalty to family, loyalty to clan, and loyalty to your people
  • Legacy is paramount; to create something that lasts the ages is to change the world for the better

The patron of craft and creation, the Allhammer is worshipped by smiths, artisans, and miners alike, granting inspiration where respect and prayer are given. He shaped the mountains from the chaos of the Founding, and stands as the patron protector of home and family. The devotion to the Allhammer is strongest in dwarven communities, and many of his temples mark the centre of a mighty dwarven stronghold.

Many guild halls and workshops contain images of the Allhammer, a faceless, stout dwarf-like being of immense strength, hunched over a flaming heart clasped within his massive hands.

Avandra – The Changebringer

Alignment: Chaotic Good          Domains: Trickery, Nature


  • Luck favours the bold; your fate is your own to grasp, and to do so is to have the Changebringer behind you
  • Change is inevitable; the righteous can ensure that such change is for the better
  • Rise against tyranny; fight for the freedom of yourself and others when you can, and inspire others to fight when you cannot

Also known as "She Who Makes the Path", the Changebringer champions freedom, travel, trade, and adventure across the lands. Her will heralds open frontiers, and her call beckons her followers to discover that which awaits them beyond the known. This nature leads to few temples in direct civilisation dedicated to the Changebringer, but they often can be found off the beaten path and near roads well travelled. Her worship is common among merchants, free spirits, and adventurers, with tavern cheers calling to her honour as a bringer of luck and fortune.

She is often depicted as a young woman of dark complexion and long, light brown hair that cascades to form a road left behind her. Most art shows her in constant motion, trailblazing and ever leading into the uknown.

Pelor – The Dawnfather

Alignment: Neutral Good          Domains: Life, Light


  • Be ever vigilant for evil; people are quick to forget the lessons of the past
  • Help relieves the suffering of the innocent wherever it exists
  • Deliver the light o the Dawnfather where darkness dwells, with kindness, compassion, and mercy

The Dawnfather stands lord over sun and summer, his vigil encircling the ages as the keeper of time. Lord of agriculture and harbinger of the harvest, his followers commonly include farmers and the most common folk, his priests welcome in lands all over. Supporter of the needy and destroyer of evil, the Dawnfather is often the patron to Paladins and Rangers who follow a similar creed. The Dawnfather is also known for his defeat of the Chained Oblivion, and is revered by those who hunt aberrations.

Tapestries of old match early text describing the Dawnfather as a patronly figure in silver and fold armour, his head a beacon of light and fire so bright that a dace could rarely be seen within. Many statues in holy places treat the head as a brazier, lit with each dawn and extinguished with the dusk.

Sarenrae – The Everlight

Alignment: Neutral Good          Domains: Life, Light


  • Lead with mercy, patience, and compassion; inspire others to unite in fellowship
  • Aid those whoa re without guide; heal those who are without hope
  • Those who are beyond redemption, who revel in slaughter and remorseless evil, must meet swift justice

God of compassion and redemption, her message is one of understanding and optimism in even the darkest of places. She believes the corrupt can be redeemed, a mindset that left to a betrayal by the Lord of the Hells that left most of her following destroyed in the Calamity. Only recently has her faith been rediscovered, and her temples returned to prominence. The Everlight's followers are often rural healers and community philosophers, becoming a voice of reason and empathy in angry and cynical times.

Those who rise to bring her words back to the light unearth her image from ruined temples, or create new art to inspire others with her message. The Everlight is represented as a beautiful, strong woman of dark skin and light hair, rising on a pair of ivory angel wings.

Ioun – The Knowing Mistress

Alignment: Neutral               Domains: Knowledge, Arcana


  • Unmask those who would destroy the Knowing Mistress; learn their secrets and unveil them to the world
  • Uphold and teach the importance of reason, perception, and truth in guiding one's emotions and path
  • Condemn those who lie, even among your allies, for evil folk gin power when their followers obscure the truth; never stoop to the level of liars

Revered by seers, sages, and teachers of all walks of life, the Knowing Mistress guided the growth of civilisation throughout the Age of Arcanum like sunlight guides the branches of a tree. She was grievously wounded by the Chained Oblivion during the Calamity, and her followers are now hunted by agents of her ancient hoes as she recovers in her weakened influence. Her devout no worship in private, spreading knowledge, philosophy, and lore anonymously through traceless channels.

Common representations show the Knowing Mistress as a greying, mature woman of welcoming, matronly smile, swathed in billowing robes and scarves that fan into books and scrolls.

Erathis – The Lawbearer

Alignment: Lawful Neutral          Domains: Knowledge


  • Embrace the company and aid of others; the efforts of the individual often pale against the capabilities of community
  • Strive to tame the wilds of the world int he name of civilization, and defend the points of light and order against the chaos of darkness
  • Uphold and revere the spirit of invention; create new places and colonies, build where inspiration hits, and expand the laws of the Lawbearer

The driving inspiration behind many great inventions, the creation of vast cities, and the bringer of law and order within: the Lawbearer claims dominion over civilisation. Judges and rulers pay respect and muse at her temples, which stand as central structures to many cities across Veranen. Peace and order through structure and law guides the will of her devout followers. The Lawbearer has a tempestuous romance with the Wildmother, a furious love that is only tempered when civilisation and nature are in balance. 

Shown in most texts and statues as a hooded, armoured woman sitting atop a throne of pillars, her face is generally obscured or depicted without expression. The impartial but imposing nature of her stature and presence is nearly always paramount in any visual representation. 

Raven Queen – The Matron of Ravens

Alignment: Lawful Neutral          Domains: Life, Death, Blood


  • Death is the natural end of life; there is no pity for those who have fallen
  • The path of Fate is sacrosanct; those who pridefully attempt to cast off their destiny must be punished
  • Undeath is an atrocity; those who would prevent the transition of the soul must be brought down

Master over the skein of fate and the mistress of winter, the Matron of Ravens stands as the god of death. Her gaze follows and marks the end of each mortal life, watching over the transition between life and death and ensuring the natural transition is undefiled. Many funerals call to her blessing ion hopes that she will protect the deceased from the terrible curse of undeath. Those who keep ancient lore believe the Matron of Ravens was once mortal herself, and is the only known mortal to have ascended. Her rise instantly obliterated the previous, now forgotten, god of death, and the other gods quickly and fearfully destroyed the secrets to the rites of ascension.

Few visual depictions of the Matron of Ravens herself exist, with many temples merely using the raven as a symbol of her blessing. Those that do depict her, however, reveal a tall, pale woman wrapped in dangling black linens, her onyx-black hair straight and never ending, her face obscured by a white, porcelain mask.

Sehanine – The Moonweaver

Alignment: Chaotic Good          Domains: Trickery


  • Seize your own destiny by pursuing your passions
  • Let the shadows protect you from the burning light of fanatical good and the absolute darkness of evil
  • Walk unbridled and untethered, finding and forgiving new memories and experiences

The Moonweaver sends her will as the goddess of moonlight and the autumn season, as well as the patron of illusions and misdirection. Widely worshipped within halfling and elven culture, she is largely considered to be the deity of love, protecting the trysts of lovers with shadows of her own making. Those who work in darkness and trickery often ask for her blessing.

Her depictions are as numerous as the myths and stories of her with meddling within simple unions. However, she is most often painted as a young girl of light blue skin and white hair, her body and lmbs but wavy silk strands of silver moonlight that caress and create the edges of the shadows. 

Bahamut – The Platinum Dragon

Alignment: Lawful Good          Domains: Life, War


  • Stand as a paragon of honour and justice
  • Smite evil wherever it is found, yet show compassion to those who have strayed from righteousness
  • Defend the weak, bring freedom to those without, and protect the ideals of just order

The pillar of justice, protection, nobility, and honour, the Platinum Dragon stands as a beacon to many paladins of order and good, and is revered by most metallic dragons as the first of their kind. The crest of the Platinum Dragon adorns many halls of high leadership and justice, his will expected present at all just judgments. To follow him is to look after those who cannot look after themselves.

This majestic being is often seen emblazoned on shields and armour, both functional and decorative, in the form of a brilliant silver dragon head in profile. Temples and art pieces present a massive, glittering dragon of vibrant platinum sheen and seemingly endless wingspan.

Kord – The Stormlord

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral          Domains: Tempest, War


  • Bravery above all; there is no glory in cowardice
  • Strength is the path to greatness, but greatness is the responsible use of strength
  • The glory of the Stormlord lives through your glory on the battlefield

Where thunder cracks and conflict rises, prayers to the Stormlord are shouted into the maelstrom. The Stormlord's followers revel in all tests of strength, and his blessing finds those who prove themselves on the battlefield. He is worshipped by athletes and warriors across Veranen, and his will exalts those whose force of spirit and pension for victory call his attention. He brings tumultuous storms over land ans sea, and those who wish for clearer skies offer their praises and prayers in hopes of appeasing his will.

Within his temples and carvings, the Stormlord is shown as a paragon warrior, often nude and physically the epitome of muscle and strength. Often with beard and short, curled hair, most depictions have the Stormlord in mid-wrestle with a terrible beast, and always in a stance of dominance.

Melora – The Wildmother

Alignment: Neutral                    Domains: Nature, Tempest


  • Protect the untamed wilderness of the realm from exploitation and destruction
  • Slay abominations and other dark mockeries of nature
  • Embrace and respect the savage nature of the world; exist in harmony with it

The realm of the Wildmother extends to wherever the seas shift and the land grows over. Keeper of the wilderness, she represents the wild creatures of nature, the rush of the angry rapids, and the heat-harried stillness of the desert. Elves take up her worship, as do hunters of natural lands, accepting her guidance to exist harmoniously within savage lands. Those seeking safe passage across dangerous waters give prayers to her to guide them. The druids of the Wildmother and clerics of her lover, the Lawbearer, work together to preserve the balance of nature and civilization. It is said that the two goddesses grow furious when this balance is upset, and this fury manifests in Aeratora as devastating natural disasters. 

Seen immortalized through wooden reliefs and carved idols in hidden, overgrown groves and rural shrines, the Wildmother often is depicted as a beautiful woman of green skin nearly swallowed by a wild, tangled wreath of hair, leaves, and vines that warf her lithe form. 


The Betrayer Gods

Tharizdun – The Chained Oblivion

Alignment: Chaotic Evil          Domains: Death, Trickery


  • Offer and siphon power to the Chained Oblivion until his liberation comes
  • Uncover, restore, and exalt forgotten shrines and relics in his honour
  • Ruin and raze the realms to prepare for the Epoch of Ends

It is darkness unending, less like a god and more like another world. Life and death do not exist within the Chained Oblivion, an engine of utter destruction and madness. Even the other Betrayer Gods treat this mad god with caution. 

The few remaining followers of the Knowing Mistress are dedicated to ensuring the Oblivion is never again unchained. Their goddess leading the charge against the all-consuming destroyer god's re-emergence, and though her bravery allowed the other gods of good to shackle their enemy, the victory nearly cost her immortal life. Some say the Knowing Mistress can only be fully restored if the Chained Oblivion is destroyed for good.

Few attempts at depicting the image of the Chained Oblivion exist, and the existing texts speak of a creature of rolling, hungry ink and darkness; of a spreading cloud of lightless destruction born from a thousand ravenous mouths. Current references constrain the nightmare with chains of black and gold, barely keeping the dark at bay.

Zehir – The Cloaked Serpent

Alignment: Chaotic Evil          Domains: trickery, Blood


  • Keep your acts obfuscated and secret; the night is your greatest ally
  • Strike quickly and without reason; blind the target with their own confusion
  • Kill slowly, agonizingly, or worse, make them enjoy it

Wanderer in shadow and creator of snakes and serpent-kin, the Cloaked Serpent is the evil god of poisons, assassins, and darkness. Much of ancient serpent-kin worships him over all other deities, dragging screaming offerings to their temples in his honour. Most of the Cloaked Serpent's worshippers were annihilated during the Calamity, and those who weren't are either suspended in self-induced stasis or hunted for sport by the servants of the Spider Queen and the Crawling King. But perhaps the Cloaked Serpent is merely biding his time, waiting for the proper moment to unleash his hidden armies upon the world once more.

The Cloaked Serpent loathes the Lawbearer and the Wildmother, for he despises life, order, and love above all things. His surviving worshippers relish in using poison and fire to undermine civilisation and consume nature, hoping to throw the goddesses into a fury and consequently cast Veranen into chaos.

Many forgotten temples were once built to the Cloaked Serpent, and within these chambers you would find his image engraved within much of the architecture. A human body with a half-dozen arms that houses a gargantuan serpent head, fanged and frilled in aggression. Strands of thick, dark hair that sprouts from the scaled body swirl around to form layers of shadow, obscuring the entire form of the entity.

Torog – The Crawling King

Alignment: Neutral Evil          Domains: Death, Blood


  • Seek and exalt places where no light touches
  • Revel in the pain you inflict upon others, and relish the pain you suffer yourself as an offering to the Crawling King
  • Imprison those who cannot resist you, and drag all life into the darkness

The dark god of endless tunnels and caverns beneath Veranen, the Crawling King acts as patron to torturers, slavers, and jailers across the realm. His tears of pain and anger carved the pathways under the world, and his realm of imprisonment is a network of deadly caves and manacles where few return. Those who rob others of their freedom offer prayers to him in cellars and other subterranean domains, and other creatures who live int he darkness below worship him and seek his guidance.

The Dawnfather and the Everlight defeated the Crawling King during the Calamity by drawing their nemesis above ground. The Dawnfather pierced his body with 10,000 lances of sunlight, and the Everlight imprisoned him within her serene rays. The tears of suffering and rage the Crawling King shed burned through Veranen, and his faithful fled into these tunnels to escape their enemies' holy light.

The Crawling King is largely rendered as a swollen, malformed worm that slithers through the dark below, a screaming, hairless human head at the helm with three arms carving through the lightless rock.

Asmodeus – Lord of the Hells

Alignment: Lawful Evil          Domains: Trickery, Blood


  • Assert dominance and power over others; show your strength of will in the image of the Lord
  • Repay cruelty done unto you with further evil; if others show you kindness, exploit it
  • As you ascend to power, do not pity or show mercy to those you climb over to get there; compassion is unwarranted for the weak

The devil god of the Hells represents mastery of tyranny and domination. His words are honeyed and carefully crafted, soothing and corrupting the mortal heart. The Lord of the Hells holds his domain with an iron rule, and the punishments that await those that cross him are legendary: the basis of nightmare. Evil entities pay him tribute alongside his devils, while warlocks are drawn to his power.

A twisted image of the celestial blood that once bore him, the Lord of Hells is revealed in many toes and murals as a handsome humanoid of deep, red skin and long, black hair. two curling horns rise from his brow, and his lips ever bear a knowing grin.

The enemies of the Lord of Hells are numerous, even among the Betrayer Gods, many of whom only follow the archdevil for fear of his immense power. The Lord of the Hell's archnemesis is the Changebringer, whose mischief and cunning has vexed him throughout the eons. It was she who defeated him in the Calamity by tricking his fiendish armies into attacking one another. The Devil Lord's greatest triumph during the Calamity was fooling and betraying the Everlight and slaughtering all her followers in one fell stroke – a move hat today has united the followers of the Everlight and the Changebringer in an unbreakable bond.

Gruumsh – The Ruiner

Alignment: Chaotic Evil          Domains: Tempest, War


  • Ruin, conquer, kill
  • The weak exist to be crushed by the strong; be the strong
  • There are no emotions but fury and joy; the rest are weakness

The Ruiner commands roving hordes of barbaric marauders across the lands to destroy, pillage, and slaughter for the joy of it. Orderless and without honour, the creeds of the evil hordemaster push orcs and other evil, savage creatures to devour the world around them, giving in to the chaotic and selfish nature of the predator. The Ruiner's most devout servants in Aeratora are the Ravagers, a lawless band of orcs and goblins who delight in slaughtering innocents across the Dividing Plains.

The Archeart shot out the Ruiner's right eye during the Calamity, and the god of slaughter longs for the day he can return the favour twofold. Those who serve the Ruiner are sometimes hypnotized by his hateful rage from across the Divine Gate and fall into a strange bloodlust, longing to slaughter elves and those who worship magic at the altar of the Archeart.

Primitive clay representations can be found in savage communities of his followers, showing the Ruiner as a hulking, bulbous behemoth of an orc. The missing eye has shifted as a minor fold, the prominent eye now central to the face like a nightmarish Cyclops

Lolth – The Spider Queen

Alignment: Chaotic Evil          Domains: Trickery, Knowledge


  • It is better to be loved than feared, but you may certainly try to be both
  • Misdirection, slander, and shadowed steps have more function than direct conflict
  • Death to the elves who live under the sun; death to all their allies

The evil god of deceit, shadows, and spiders, the Spider Queen weaves a complicated web of schemes and treachery through her worshippers, deceiving allies and enemies alike to gain power. The Spider Queen's worship is entwined with the society of dark elves, even as the drow fall deeper into the thrall of the Chained Oblivion's aberrant minions. It is said that the Spider Queen can see through the eyes of all spiders, and that she is truly all-knowing. The Spider Queen holds a searing grudge against the Stormlord, for with one throw of his mighty thunderspear he impaled her against a cliffside, leaving her drow armies leaderless during the Calamity. The Spider Queen and the Ruiner also share a burning hatred for the Archeart – she clams he drove her children below the earth himself – and she often manipulates the Ruiner's followers into attacking her enemies so that the drow may remain safe. The only being the Spider Queen fears is the Chained Oblivion; she dreads its alien mind and is furious over what its madness is doing to her children. 

Many icons and idols within dark elf society show the image of the Spider Queen, a darkly alluring woman of dark purple skin and silver hair, her abdomen welling into the terrifying body of a monstrous spider.

Bane – The Strife Emperor

Alignment: Lawful Evil          Domains: War


  • Fear is your ally; conquer yours, and draw it from your foes
  • Disorder and rebellion are to be punished severely
  • Combat is the greatest gift, and perfecting your skills to master it is the greatest pursuit

Blood-drenched armies of brutal warriors oft crush their foes in the name of the Strife Emperor, the evil patron of war and conquest. To serve his will is to accept the call to conflict, seeking lesser people to break and subjugate. Warmongering nations and goblinoid tribes worship the Strife Emperor as they strike out at the world to bend it beneath them. The Strife Emperor twists all living things to his iron will, even forcing nature itself to bow to his whims.

A dark reflection of the honourable warrior, the Strife Emperor is often depicted as a brutish ogre-like man clad from head to toe in jagged black armour. Heads dangle from his belt, and the shadow that obscures his helmeted face does not hide his unblnking, piercing yellow eyes.

The Strife Emperor's greatest enemy is the Wildmother, the goddess who defeated him at Thay during the Calamity. The Strife Emperor grew his armies by corrupting noble creatures into monsters and destroying the wilds to fuel his terrible engines of conflict, and the two deities clashed many times during the war before his defeat at the Beynsfal Plateau. The emperor's massive iron armour still litters Beynsfal, and his massive helmet houses the capital city of a ruthless hobgoblin empire.

Tiamat – The Scaled Tyrant

Alignment: Lawful Evil          Domains: Trickery, War


  • Amass wealth, and spend little; the gold, and the power that comes with it, is sufficient reward
  • Do not forgive nor forget an indignity to yourself; let no affront go unpunished
  • Take what you covet; those without strength to defend their dominion are not worthy to have a dominion

The evil queen of dragons is a fearsome god of greed, envy, and hoarded wealth. While chromatic dragons are her clearest worshippers, the Scaled Tyrant accepts the worship of all who love wealth over all things – except the queen of dragons herself, of course. All chromatic dragons have a reverence for their tyrannical queen, but many dragons of near-deific power and ambition chafe under her rule.

The Scaled Tyrant's hatred for the Platinum Dragon is as old as the Founding, and her cults are ever hunted by his justice. Her worship has for centuries been limited to chromatic dragons by these zealous paladins, but sects of mortal dragon-worshippers have been appearing across Aeratora in recent years.

Most visual representations of the Scaled Tyrant exist as a warning within sanctuaries of the Platinum Dragon. She is often shown as a drake of frightful size, massive leathery wings birthing clouds of poisonous mist with every flight, while she shouts from five vicious dragon heads, each head depicting a different chromatic colour of her evil children.


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